In regards of songwriting – Dae Kim opens up, “it always is a humbling yet terrifying process to return to writing songs again”. Music that convinces listeners that it is worth a second listen, often is a thoughtful one. “To be vulnerable sitting in front of the piano with my bare hands, touching the rustic wooden keys, I am reminded of how human I am”. If the vulnerability prompts you to write a song, it is instinct that guides you thorugh its completion. Dae Has always prioritised stories and messages in creation of music rather than the technicality. 

Born in Seoul, Korea and reaised in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dae began playng music at age 8. Being nurtured in variety of culture was followed by adaptation, in which resulted appreciation for multi-facet of music genres and indepence, in which affected his compositional style. Being a multi-instrumentalist for songwriters means freedom. Although, he frequents a Telecaster and a piano, he comfortably expresses through an accordion and a set of turntables for record manipulation. “Songwriting can’t always be as vibrant or enjoyable. to be able to express yourself, there will be moements that our patience will be challenged with curtailing ideas and degrading motivation. And the musicianship is the currency to be saved”.